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All You Need To Know About Aspect Ratio

by UPresentation | 2017-01-27
All You Need To Know About Aspect Ratio

Nowadays, you can see that PowerPoint presentations play a very important role in modern business world. Its presence has become constant and it the same time there are certain arbitrary rules. One of the most prevalent rules is PowerPoint size which is fames as 1024 x 768.

If you look at this 1024 x 768 PowerPoint slide size, you should understand one important thing that, in fact, it is 4:3 Aspect Ratio. If you look at most displayed images, most of them have this 4:3 aspect ratio and that is why PowerPoint slides have the same size and aspect ratio too. Let’s be fully clear, no one is trying to suggest that PowerPoint slide size 1024 x 768 is irrelevant. In fact, the majority of projection screens, tablets and even iPad have the aspect ratio 4:3. That is why, if you are going to put altogether your PowerPoint presentation and distribute it for mass across media environment, the best aspect ratio is still 4:3.

However, not all situations are the same. Sometimes we have to find alternative ways and in such a case a good option is aspect ratio 16:9. If you are going to embed something in YouTube video content (for example it can be self-playing or animated PowerPoint presentations), such content will be displayed much better in the aspect ratio 16:9. However, you should know that almost all boardrooms display onto our market with the aspect ratio 16:9. If you use PowerPoint presentations with aspect ratio 4:3, your slides may have black bars downside of your PowerPoint deck.

All these factors are supposed to convince you using the aspect ratio 16:9, but do not ignore the communicative value in wider PowerPoint slides. If you want to communicative timelines, flowcharts and other processes, the aspect ratio 16:9 can give you much more space for working with. The overall look of your PowerPoint content will be much cleaner and more professional.

So, if you want your PowerPoint presentation to look more immersive, you should consider using the aspect ratio 16:9. The design will be improves a lot comparing to PowerPoint presentations with aspect ratio 4:3. What does make the difference? It is like when you compare watching a movie on your PC with the screen 4:3 and in the theater. Do you feel the difference?

Finally, what aspect ratio should be chosen 16:9 or 4:3? Your final decision will depend on what you are going to do with your presentation. If you need a basic PowerPoint deck which you will be able to deliver anytime and anywhere, then you should stick with aspect ratio 4:3. However, if you have to deal with specialized PowerPoint presentations, then you will need aspect ratio 16:9. Pick your aspect ratio and have fun presenting!

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